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Policies & Procedures

Jan Jahan Motors FZCO. declares the following basic policy in order to prevent damages caused by groups or individuals, called Anti-Social Forces (ASF), that pursue economic benefit by making full use of violence, force, tacts, means and other fraudulent methods.

We will deal with all such Anti-Social Forces (ASF) as an organization, and we will ensure the safety & security of all our staff members who deals with unreasonable demands by such Anti-Social Forces (ASF).

As per our strict policy, we will terminate all relationships with such Anti-Social Forces (ASF), including any business relationships, and our staffs resolutely work toward to achieve it.

We will never give benefits, and never conduct illegal transactions with such Anti-Social Forces (ASF).

In case if we recognize any unreasonable demands from such Anti-Social Forces (ASF), we will deal with requests by taking civil and criminal legal action against them.

In order to eliminate Anti-Social Forces (ASF) and prevent damages caused by Anti-Social Forces (ASF), we will cooperate closely with police, attorney and specialized agencies etc.